Wedding Day Beauty Prep: 5 Essentials

You're getting married, and like every other detail of your big day, your look on the day of takes a little planning! On the day of your wedding, you're going to look like the most beautiful version of yourself - glowing, healthy and happier than ever! Leading up to that dreamy day, there are a few simple beauty tricks to ensure you're at your very best.

Some of these tricks take a few months to achieve full results, so start early, and show up to your wedding looking just as you've always imagined!

Two months before you say 'I Do', start getting those pearly whites glowing with an at home whitening product (or speak to your dentist about a professional option). This is also an ideal amount of time to get your skin prepped and into tip top shape with an esthetician - facials and other treatments are all options to smooth and refine your complexion.

A few weeks before your day, start building up a glowing tan with a natural self tanner like Chocolate Sun Sunless Tanning Cream. The trick is to start with a light hand to avoid any mishaps, and go from there until you reach your desired level of intensity. Consider a long wearing gel manicure a week prior to your wedding - you'll get at least two weeks out of a professional gel application, so you don't have to worry about chips in your lacquer during your wedding week and honeymoon!

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Designing Your Dream Wedding Cake

Day Dream

Before you visit a cake designer, day dream a little about what you want for your cake - then try and find similar images on the internet. It’s like going to the hair salon, bringing photos for reference helps convey your dream cake to your designer. We’ve got some pretty dreamy cakes pinned on Pinterest!

Taste, Taste, Taste!

Ask each cake shop you call when their next tasting is: this is a chance for you to, well, taste the cake they make! Tastings are especially helpful if you’ve already got an idea of what flavours you want, for example, maybe coconut cake has been on your mind (can somebody please bring us a slice of coconut cake now?).

Be Open About Your Budget

Before your designer can do anything for you, they need to know what budget you have available. It’s key to remember when it comes to decorating a cake, all the extras can quickly add up. Those beautiful sugar flowers you see online are hand made, one petal at a time - you’re paying for edible art! If you’re envisioning a cake of cascading flowers and you’re on a tight budget, your designer might suggest you decorate with real flowers instead of sugar-made ones!

Size Matters

Usually, wedding cake is priced by the slice - the more complicated the cake, the higher the price tag. Portions also heavily dictate the size of the cake: the number of people you want to serve is a better way to design, instead of only thinking of how many tiers you want. If you're set on a bigger cake, you can always use dummy tiers. There’s nothing worse than paying for a beautiful, delicious cake and seeing lots go to waste!

Try Something Different

Maybe a large cake isn’t for you - mini cakes (individual sized!), grooms cakes, cupcake towers, macarons, and even a French croque-en-bouche (a tower of cream filled profiteroles connected by caramel - yum!) are all great options. If you feel like a traditional cake doesn’t go with the overall feel of your wedding, then experiment!

That’s all for now! Happy tasting! xo

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Designed by Ganache Bakery

Designed by Ganache Bakery

Designed by Soirette Bakery

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Studio

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Studio is a boutique photography company specializing in intimate portraits for women. The team behind the lens prides themselves on treating each of client as they would a close friend - with respect and encouragement throughout the entire process. The goal of each shoot is not only to help you look incredible, but ti ensure that you leave feeling confident and beautiful.

Jennifer understands that 99.9% of her clients have never done a boudoir shoot before and that it can be a little nerve wracking! Jennifer Williams Boudoir studio takes care of everything for you, your hair and makeup will be done by celebrity makeup artist Kelly Trerise while you sip on a glass of champagne. Before the shoot begins, the team will go through the lingerie you've brought and discuss your vision, any specific poses you'd like to do, as well as your comfort level so everyone is on the same page.

Once the shoot begins, Jennifer will direct you in every aspect in order to get the best images possible. You won't have to worry about where to look and how to pose... leave that to them! The team has photographed over 500 women and have seen every body type out there - they know how to photograph each in a way that is both flattering and sexy. Once your shoot is finished you'll wonder why you were ever nervous! The feedback that the team receives time and time again is "It was a totally empowering experience, I was so comfortable with you both! I CAN'T wait to see the photos, my fiancé is going to love them!"

If you aren't located in Vancouver, Jennifer could be coming to you! She is traveling across Canada to Calgary, Toronto and Montral May 30-June 7th, 2014. Find out more, here.

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What type of Valentine are you?

The holiday of love is an exciting time of year… especially for lovebirds. Whether you’re single, newly wed, freshly engaged, or just dating, it’s such a sweet opportunity to get flirty and have a little bit of fun. So, what type of Valentine are you, and how will you be celebrating?

(Photo by: Rebecca Amber Photography)

The Classic: To you, Valentine’s Day epitomizes the idea of “romantic”. You still remember receiving your first valentine complete with a Hershey Kiss in middle school and ever since you’ve been hooked on the traditions of the holiday. You look forward to putting your whimsical side into full gear once a year and your day is usually planned out weeks ahead.

Best way to spend the day: Wear your favourite red lippy and write hand-made valentines to send to loved ones. Followed by a lovely dinner out and an evening cuddled around the fireplace with hot coco in hand watching classic love stories such as Casablanca and The Notebook.

(Photo by: Lori Miles)

The Modern: Valentine’s Day to you is a bit overdone and a holiday for Hallmark… yet you can’t deny your love for Keats poetry and your guilty pleasure of watching “The Bachelor” on Monday nights. You have a romantic side but prefer not to go overboard, so you celebrate the day of love in your own modern style.

Best way to spend the day: Focus on celebrating the sentiment of the holiday and recognize it as a day to appreciate to love in all forms; love for your family, friends and yourself. Show love to your family by calling up a relative you haven’t spoken to in a long time and telling them you love them! Love yourself by eating breakfast in bed, painting your nails a bold colour, buying fresh blooms and indulging in some quality chocolate from your favourite chocolatier.

(Photo by: Reine Mihtla)

The Crafty: Holidays are always your favourite time of year because it means getting a chance to showcase your creative talents. Whether you’re single or taken, you’ve got the spirit of the season covered with glue and a pair of scissors! You have a fabulous time materializing the enchanting details of the day and love to share your cute creations with others.

Best way to spend the day: Craft some homemade invites to delight lucky recipients, and host a few of your girlfriends for a crafty evening of red velvet cupcake baking. Of course, you can’t forget the cute toppings to really amp up the personalized and homemade flair!

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Provence Inspired Shoot by CountDown Events Ft. on Style Me Pretty

It's always humbling being featured... and today is no exception. Thank you to STYLE ME PRETTY for sharing with the world our vision of a timeless, Provencial bride! This editorial reflects "La Joie de Vie" perfectly in the playful flower arrangements by Celsia Floral as well as in the whimsical couture gown by Ines Di Santo. A combination of old world beauty & modern day sweetness. We hope you enjoy these images & maybe they will even make you blush...

These stunning images were captured by the lovely Melissa Gidney!

A CountDown Events production. Decor by Upright Decor & The Cross Design. Cake by Sweet Bake Shop & treats by Laduree. Jewels by Elsa Corsi. Gown from Blush Bridal. Calligraphy by Laura Lavender. Makeup by Nadia Albano. Video by Life Studio.

Click HERE to see the full Style Me Pretty feature. - xoxo CountDown Events
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