Soha Lavin - Canada's Wedding Expert on Couture Modern Floral Design

Soha Lavin - Canada's Wedding Expert on Couture Modern Floral Design

This modern sculptural piece has a romantic composition created by the feel of the falling flowers. Soha Lavin has made a perfect combination of shape, colour & texture, for this stunning floral style piece. Being creative with flower layouts is always refreshing. Here is the grouping technique - using multiple vases with monochromatic themed flowers, Lavin created a delicate and elegant statement.
Here are just a few advantages to why you should style your arrangements in a cluster vase form:
• Easily alter the different heights of the arrangements
• Display the stems in a modern way
• Mix different flowers to make it look original
• Increase the volume by having some flowers in the water
• Incorporate glam: Pearls, diamonds or stones in the vase
• Candle light can increase the dramatic feel of the groupings
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Photography by Jana Vackova

Reporting for Breakfast TV - Royal Wedding

The world seemed to stop on April 29, 2011 to watch the marriage of Prince William of Wales to Kate Middleton. This was an anticipated moment by many around the globe and will indeed be the wedding of the century.
CountDown Events was honoured to report for Breakfast Television on this fairly tale wedding. Thank you to BT for being a wonderful team to work with, and thank you to the Fairmont for hosting us at their beautiful Hotel Vancouver.
This Royal Wedding will be highlighted for generations to come. We feel so blessed to have been part of this special day!

Watch Soha Lavin on Breakfast Television - Royal Wedding Segment
Monique Lhuillier & Lazaro Bridal Gowns by Bisou Bridal
Stunning Tiaras by Elsa Corsi

Kate Middleton to Duchess of Cambridge

Anticipation grew and grew last week while everyone prepared for the wedding of the century! I think it is safe to say that this royal wedding was a success, including the Alexander McQueen bridal gown that Sarah Burton Designed for Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. Of course, we expected Kate Middleton to have a classic and elegant wedding gown and were very pleased with the final result!
With an undertone touch of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, Catherine wore the Alexander McQueen gown spectacularly. Sarah Burton designed a delicate and intricate embroidered dress made of French Chantilly lace, English Cluny lace (on the bodice, skirt and underskirt), ivory & white silk gazar, handmade by the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace. The McQueen skirt was made to emulate an open flower and fit Catherine’s toned figure perfectly. It is said that the high skilled artisans that worked on the royal wedding gown were asked to wash their hands every 30min to keep the dress as white as possible.
Catherine’s second dress was worn at the intimate 300 guest reception held by Prince Charles at the Buckingham Palace. Sarah Burton was also the designer of the couture piece. This white, satin, strapless gazar dress had silver diamond embroidery at the waist (accentuating Catherine’s small waist), a circle skirt and a beautiful white angora cardigan, to cover her shoulders.
Catherine didn’t shock us, but did impress the world with her choice in designer. She stayed true to herself and her taste while executing it in a classical, modern manner. Beautifully done - beautiful Duchess!

Crème de la Crème Grand Wedding Showcase

In case you are new to our lovely little design and planning world. We the planners of CountDown Events are busy organizing the seventh annual Crème de la Crème Grand Wedding Showcase hosted by the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver. Our purpose for creating this breathtaking showcase has always been to help you celebrate and live your most stylish life, and over the years we have presented countless pioneering unique ways to infuse your wedding style with elegance and taste.

Crème de la Crème was created on the shoulders of enormously talented people. While producing this event was marked by many late nights, lost weekends and triple Americanos, the final product is one of true love and passion for extraordinary weddings and lifestyles. Our brides have incredible taste and style…and we are proud to present a showcase worthy of the spirit that makes each bride so beautiful. So welcome to Crème de la Crème Grand Wedding Showcase, a gift to Vancouver…a source for countless sensational inspirations for your wedding and lifestyle.

Photography by Jana Vackova - Design & Production by CountDown Events Planning & Design

Love as Inspiration for Planning Weddings

One of the most popular questions that my clients ask is “what was your wedding like?” That is perhaps the makings of another post but recently in search of some of my wedding photos, I instead found a few of my parents wedding photos. Looking at the images I came to the realization (and had to share) how much their wedding and their love has influenced my work and ultimately my life.

To say my parents were passionately in love when they decided to get married would be a huge understatement. Their love infused every minute of my childhood…and apparently their wedding has and continues to inspire my work. They were a young couple and since Mom was still attending university in another city, they drove through the night to get to the wedding (a small shot of my Dad’s sports car dressed with flowers and mud gives it away!).

Like many of my clients they wanted a simple wedding but after consulting their families ended up with a lavish affair, from my Mom’s gown being flown in from Paris to twelve servers with flaming torches escorting their wedding cake. Their elaborate wedding included an impressive 600 person guest list that filled up a large Hilton Hotel, they tell me that they loved it nevertheless. Reminiscing about their wedding always involved them reminding me that the ceremony and their love was really all that mattered to them and the rest was really for their guests. Reflecting on that and looking at the photos; I must admit that my primary inspiration originates from their union.

So while I am planning weddings, no matter how amazingly intricate, I stay mindful of the reason for this celebration is LOVE.

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