Blake Lively wore Marchesa on her wedding day!

On Sunday November 4th 2012, at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver, CountDown Events will host Vancouver’s discerning, modern brides-to-be who have a taste for perfection, excellence and exquisite style. We are absolutely thrilled to see the designs of Marchesa debut on the runways of the show! And to find out today that Canada's sweetheart, Ryan Reynolds, wed Blake Lively and she wore Marchesa is just the icing on the cake! Looking forward to seeing the unveiling of this stunnig line at the Crème de la Crème Grand Wedding Showcase

Photos by Vanity Fair & Bullet Magazine

Fabulous Designs and Custom Books with Papier By Judy

Papier By Judy: They design and create custom book style invitations which include fine papers adorned with an array of colours, custom monograms, rich embellishments like Swarovski crystal elements, metallic foils, ribbons or crystal buckles. Handcrafted with care to produce an item that is uniquely YOU for your next soiree!

Working with all budgets and events (Private & Corporate), they can design a complete line of complimentary items (Save the Dates, Programs, Menus, Favor Tags, etc). Let Papier create your book style invitation today and help your story unfold...

Photographs provided by Papier By Judy

If you would like to get in touch with Judy, drop her a line at or visit their website at Mention you saw them on the CountDown Events Blog and receive 10% off your 2013 wedding booking!

CountDown Events is very excited to have Judy and her fabulous designs joining us as a part of this year’s Crème de la Crème Grand Wedding Showcase.To keep up with news about other sensational exhibitors join us on Twitter at @CremeVancouver

Serving Up Delicious Dishes and Expert Advise!

One of our favourite aspects of planning a wedding is choosing your caterer. Just think about all of the yummy dishes and treats you get to sample before making your decision on what to feed your guests. So for all of you new brides and grooms out there we at CountDown Events have a special feature for you. We’ve asked one of our expert caterers Donna Wadsworth from Savoury City Catering and Events to tell us a little about herself and what drives her in her craft as well as some of her expert tips and suggestions on what you should be looking for when meeting with a caterer. So go ahead relax and enjoy that scrumptious dish, let us take away the worries of planning your wedding for you.

I envy people who, literally fresh from the womb, know exactly what they're put on this planet to do. I can still see in my mind's eye the slack-jawed expression of my guidance councillor when I replied "a bit of everything" to his question of what I wanted to do with my life. And for a number of years that's what I did - I audited university classes in Russian Literature (you could do that back then), travelled extensively, lived and worked in India and the Arctic, and generally treated life as one great and glorious buffet at which to nibble.
The only constant for me during my formative years was food - I cooked it, served it, and generally obsessed about it. My philosophy of food is thus: it is at its best when it is closest to its essence - where tradition and ingredients are respected in creating the finished product. Which is just a fancy way of saying - find the best ingredients you can lay your hands on, don't mess them up too much, and never (ever!) cut corners.

When I launched Savoury City Catering and Events in the spring of 2003 my goals were modest. I had no targets or plans for exponential growth, and in fact I'm ashamed to say it now, but I hadn't even a hint of a business plan. Instead, what I did have was the energy and enthusiasm to create a company that was intimate, and where food and service literally tied in a photo finish.

Enough about me: Here is some advice from the caterer to the future bride and groom….

Weddings, as you no doubt know, are a phenomenal amount of work and key for a successful day is to start the planning process as early as possible.
Involve your caterer in that planning process at the beginning. We can save you a bundle. Hire the best wedding event coordinator you can. They will save your life...your time...your energy, and make your day spectacular. Honestly.

Photographs provided by Savoury City Catering and Events

Chance is the enemy of a flawless wedding so leave nothing to it. I always get nervous when I hear things like "we don't have a rain plan - it doesn't rain in August in Vancouver" or "my uncle is a great bartender so let's use him", and while these statements may be true, why not at least option a tent and let your uncle be a guest instead.
Communicate your wishes for your wedding to all parties involved, so they can contribute in the most constructive way and make your day spectacular!

We want to thank Donna at Savoury City Catering and Events for sharing her passions and suggestions on the wedding catering aspect of planning a wedding. To read more expert advice on wedding and event planning topics follow us on Twitter @CountDownEvents and our Facebook fan page.

Presenting The Expert Panel | Chris Battensby – Harling’s Jewellers and Tacori Loft Vancouver

CountDown Events welcomes you to our Expert Opinion series, where we ask experts in the fashion, décor, weddings and other fabulous industries to give their inside trade secrets and to share with you their advice on their passion and expertise on their craft. The following is our latest interview with the amazing Harling’s Jewellers and Tacori Loft Vancouver

Full Name and Occupation: Chris Battensby, President – Harling’s Jewellers and Tacori Loft Vancouver

What information should a bride and groom have before they meet with you for the first time for buying an engagement ring: The most important information that a bride and groom can have before coming in is that nearly 70% of women out there don’t like the engagement ring they’re given when proposed to. There are so many C’s floating around out there – Colour, Clarity, Cut the list goes on and on. The most important C that I believe is overlooked when getting engaged is communication. A groom has got to speak to his future Fiancée to find out what she wants, not what he thinks she wants. Men are always worried that this will ruin the surprise. I can tell you from experience that this isn’t the case. The surprise begins when she gets exactly the ring she wants, and you begin your partnership together with equal communication. I encourage all couples to come in together, to sit down with a glass of wine with me and with our team of wedding ring experts. We’ll make sure to get her the ring she’s always dreamed of, and to make her man the hero of the show.

And wedding bands?

For Women
I truly believe that our bride of 2012 is all about options. Fitted wedding bands, wedding bands that ‘match’ or that provide only one option for being worn, this style is dated and reminiscent of the wedding rings that the bride’s mother wore. The bride of 2012 wants a choice, and Harling’s Jewellers prides itself on the many varieties and options of choices available in our store. We’ll find her a perfect wedding band, and introduce her to the latest trend of ‘twinning’ her band with Tacori and to finding that perfect symmetry with her engagement ring.

For Men
A gentlemen’s band is equally important. At Harling’s we’ve recently noticed a trend in which we’re seeing men move away from less classic materials like Titanium and move towards the classic and timeless metals of Gold and Platinum. Gold and Platinum rings, like those found in the Tacori Gentlemen’s Band Collection, demonstrate a timeless yet functional ring for the Groom of 2012. The best part of this collection is the Tacori sport band, a functional metal band that comes with every Gold and Platinum band and ensures our Groom of 2012 a wedding band he can play sports in, work, and just be a guy in.

What are some general recommendations/ideas that you would give to a new bride and groom when choosing their wedding rings?

I can’t stress it enough, Communicate with each other. Relationships are about communication, and this begins before you’re married. Come in together, have a glass of wine and sit with our expert staff. We’ve got exciting and timeless options for both the bride and groom of 2012, and our friendly approach, casual environment and excellent selection means you will have fun while finding the perfect rings.

White diamonds or coloured Stones? White diamonds are certainly the most traditional. This being said, the bride of 2012 wants to be different – she doesn’t want the ring her mother had. Coloured diamonds, coloured stones like sapphires made famous by Princess Kate, are all cool and trendy options for the bride of 2012’s engagement ring. Personally I’m a man of tradition and I think nothing can beat a beautiful white diamond, but at Harling’s we’re happy to walk through the options available when it comes to coloured stones in engagement and wedding rings.

Who are some of your favourite designers? And why? Without a doubt I’d have to say Tacori. All of their rings are crafted by hand in North America and evoke a timeless hue. Their designs are contemporary but at the same time an heirloom piece from day one. This means that their engagement and bridal wedding rings will never go out of style, and will remain timeless and desired for an entire lifetime.

Any other tips or suggestions on choosing engagement rings, wedding bands and other bridal jewellery? The only other suggestion I would give is that a bride and groom seriously consider purchasing platinum engagement and wedding rings. There has never been a better time to purchase platinum price-wise, and platinum is the only precious white metal that will stay white and won’t fade over time. Drop into the store, have a glass of wine with any one of our jewellery experts and they can explain the many benefits of platinum.

Thank you Chris for sharing with us your expert advice and we look forward to hosting . If you have any questions or would like to contact Harling's Jewellers please visit their website at or follow them on Twitter @Harlingsbc and be sure to follow us on twitter @CountDownEvents to see other upcoming expert opinions.

The 8th Annual Crème de la Crème Grand Wedding Showcase on November 4, 2012 at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver!

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