Beautiful Vancouver Wedding by CountDown Events Planning & Design | Part I as seen in Real Weddings Magazine

We have a soft spot for gorgeous flowers! That is evident in most of our designs,incorporating details with flowers wherever we can. Today's article is featuring the latest wedding featured in Real Weddings Magazine . A lovely story (If you haven't picked up an issue you definitely should) The bride and groom had impeccable modern taste with a flair for the natural elements. We say this over and over but we really are lucky to work with such amazing clients! So without further delay today's images captured the beautiful floral details as they were being prepared (early in the morning) by Granville Island Florist artisans; the bride had asked the photographer Robin O'Neill to start the day earlier at the shop capturing the behind-the-scenes elements of the making of her wedding flowers! That's how excited she was about her gorgeous flowers (see what we mean!).

There are MANY images but today we are going to start with the early morning prep of the flowers and on Wednesday we will unveil the entire wedding for you to enjoy! Happy Monday from all of us flower lovers at CountDown Events Planning & Design. xoxo Soha Lavin

The work shop

Bouquet Prep

This Week's #FF Lisa Wong of Solo Lisa

Name: Lisa Wong

Occupation(s): Technical writer at a software company, occasional freelance contributor to various publications, blogger behind

Who is your role model: My mother because she embodies style, intelligence, and good common sense.

What do you like most about your job: I get to wear many different hats, but the common thread running through them all is the opportunity to write and to work with inspiring individuals.

Daily ritual: I start the day by checking my email over a big cup of coffee.

The most rewarding part of my job is: Being able to write!

What has been your biggest strength that’s helped you succeed in your industry? I’m very detail-oriented. Blogging and writing require great attention to detail, like making sure the prices and names of products mentioned in your blog posts are accurate, you have no typos or grammatical errors in your writing, hyperlinks work, etc.

Memorable celebrity encounter/interview: I got to interview Stuart Weitzman on my blog, which was a huge highlight. Other memorable encounters with fashion luminaries: FLARE editor-in-chief Lisa Tant, Derek Blasberg, Mary Katrantzou, Jason Wu, Joseph Mimran, and Jeanne Beker.
Favourite quote: “Yet all experience is an arch where through Gleams that untravelled world, whose margin fades For ever and for ever when I move.” - ‘Ulysses’ by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Describe your personal style: Classic with a twist.
Dream vacation spot? Right now, it’s a toss-up between Argentina and Scotland.
What is your favourite thing to take pictures of? Beautiful things that I see.
What has been your favourite event to attend? Probably the Joe Fresh Granville store grand opening party. It was fun and unpretentious, very much in the spirit of the brand. The Room at The Hudson’s Bay Vancouver also puts on great events.

Favourite Restaurant: Too many to name! I like Santouka for ramen, Campagnolo Roma for pizza, Kadoya for sushi, and Roundel Cafe in Hastings Sunrise for brunch.
What is your biggest indulgence? Handbags.
If there was more time in the day you would: Actually sleep the 8+ hours that experts recommend.
Favourite social network: It’s a tie between Twitter and Facebook.
Favourite Blog: All the ones in my Google Reader!
Where do you go for good ideas? Books, blogs, magazines, Pinterest, movies...the world offers no shortage of inspiration.
Last song you downloaded: I’ve taken to making private Youtube playlists for music I want to listen to while working, so I haven’t downloaded a song in a while. The last song I was obsessed with and would listen to on repeat was ‘Big Black Car’ by Gregory Alan Isakov.

Photographs provided by Lisa Wong

What is the most challenging thing you have ever done? Getting up the nerve to pitch to FLARE magazine for the first time. My hands literally shook as I typed out that first pitch and hit Send.
What are you obsessed with right now? Corgis (because they’re so cute) and home decor (because my boyfriend and I just bought a condo).
Any other comments/thoughts you’d like to add: (ie. new business features you are offering now) I have an article in the June issue of FLARE which is on news stands now, so please pick up a copy!

We’d like to thank Lisa for being our #FF this week and we look forward to reading her article in new issue of FLARE magazine. If you would like to connect with Lisa Wong be sure to follow her on Twitter @SoloLisa and follow us on Twitter @CountDownEvents to see next week’s #FF.

In the news! Month of May for CountDown Events Planning & Design

Style Me Pretty

Today CountDown Events is saying THANK YOU for the fabulous coverage of two of our weddings we worked so hard to produce. As planners we are often so busy making sure everything runs perfectly smooth that we don’t have time to really enjoy and take in the weddings (something we always insist on with our clients). While enjoying a cup of tea, it was so fulfilling to peruse the gorgeous images both in print in the latest Real Weddings Magazine and online featured on the most popular American wedding site Style Me Pretty! In the coming weeks we will be able to share the images with you on the blog but for now a very happy THANK YOU!

This Week's #FF Erica Lam of The Style Spy

Name: Erica Lam

Occupation(s): Editor-in-Chief of
Who is your role model: My mother.
What do you like most about your job: Being creative. Whether it’s brainstorming new story ideas with my managing editor Jan or thinking about ways we can work with brands , I have the freedom to try new things and experiment.
Daily ritual: I’m always checking my social feeds, including Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and I sip on green tea with honey all day.
The most rewarding part of my job is: The readers. I always appreciate it when people say they read the site. Whether it’s today or six years ago, it’s still the same feeling and excitement. My team and I work so hard, so it’s always good to hear that people are fans and love it just as much as we do.
What has been your biggest strength that’s helped you succeed in your industry? Perseverance. I’m a big believer in working hard. Successful people don’t happen overnight. Work hard and keep driving, then you will be that much closer to reaching your goal.
Memorable celebrity encounter/interview: Interviewing David Beckham in LA. Yes, he really is that good looking. Vera Wang in New York. She’s very smart and a straight shooter. Wouldn’t expect anything less from a woman who’s built such an amazing empire.

Favourite quote: If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.
Describe your personal style: Classic and understated.
Dream vacation spot? Bali.
What is your favourite thing to take pictures of? My friends.
What has been your favourite event to attend? I attended some pretty cool events at SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas this past March, I got to meet one of my favourite social media personalities Gary Vanyerchuk.
Favourite Restaurant: Guu. I love the laidback atmosphere and when the staff behind the bar greets you loudly in Japanese.
What is your biggest indulgence? Sour keys candies, they’re so addictive.

If there was more time in the day you would: Sleep or reflect on the day. I feel like we’re really over-stimulated with technology these days and we forget to take a quiet moment to sit back and reflect.
Favourite social network: Tough choice, but at the moment: Instagram.
Favourite Blog: I have so many favourites for different reasons: Gawker, Mashable, Who What Wear, Apartment Therapy, Springwise and Zen Habits to name a few.
Where do you go for good ideas? Blogs and Twitter are great sources of inspiration.
Last song you downloaded: Greyhound by Swedish House Mafia.
What is the most challenging thing you have ever done? Quitting my job many years ago to pursue The Style Spy. This was when blogging was in its infancy and many people didn’t even know what the term meant. I took a leap of faith cause I knew I found something I was passionate about. It’s always challenging, but that was my best decision ever.
What are you obsessed with right now? The app Draw Something. I’m not the best artist, but it’s still really fun and you get to be creative.

Any other comments/thoughts you’d like to add: (ie. new business features you are offering now) I’ll be relocating to Montreal in June. It’s a big step for myself and Style Spy. We’ll continue to serve Vancouver as always, but this will give me a chance to build the readership out East. I can’t wait!

We’d like to thank Erica for being our #FF this week, and we wish you all the best when you move to Montreal. To connect with Erica be sure to check out their website at and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @CountDownEvents to view next week’s #FF.

This Week's #FF Anna and Kristina from the Shopping Bags

Name: Anna Wallner (AW) and Kristina Matisic (KM)

Occupation(s): AW: President and Executive Producer, Worldwide Bag Media Inc., Co-host of Anna & Kristina’s Grocery Bag, A & K’s Beauty Call and The Shopping Bags, Author.
KM: CEO and Co-executive producer at Worldwide Bag Media Inc. Co-host of Anna & Kristina’s Grocery Bag , A & K’s Beauty Call and The Shopping Bags, Author.

Who is your role model: AW: My mother. And Oprah Winfrey.

KM: My mother. She has worked so hard her whole life and has always stayed true to herself, her values and her principles.

What do you like most about your job: AW: I like making something out of nothing. That is what keeps me coming back for more.
KM: I like the variety, we’re doing something different almost every day. It’s not a nine to five desk job and I’m out meeting new people and doing new things. I also like working with a partner. It really helps to share the burden.

Daily ritual: AW: Newspapers and tea when I wake up. If I don’t have 20 minutes to myself for that, the whole day is off.
KM: A morning cup of coffee and (most nights) an evening glass of Chardonnay. The two pillars of my day!

The most rewarding part of my job is: AW: Having a viewer tell me I made them laugh or that one of our shows is set on their PVR! What a compliment!
KM: One of the most rewarding things is having people come up to us and tell us they really enjoy our programs. They say it helps them relax and unwind, plus often gives them a good chuckle. That’s great to hear. I’m also proud of being a small business owner and providing jobs.

What has been your biggest strength that’s helped you succeed in your industry? AW: I think our biggest strength is perseverance. The fastest way to get me to do something is to tell me I can’t.
KM: I don’t give up very easily. Being tenacious is a must. My ability to stay organized is also a great asset when wearing so many different hats on the job.
Memorable celebrity encounter/interview: AW: President Bill Clinton, having my picture taken with Tom Cruise (he’s not as short as you may think), a chance meeting with Jackson Browne and the after party with U2 in Las Vegas. But Oprah still eludes me!
KM: Anna and I met Bono once at a party and ended up having a long conversation with him about relationships and how difficult it can be to make marriage work. That was pretty surreal!
Favourite quote: AW: “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”
KM: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas Edison
Describe your personal style: AW: Eclectic. I find inspiration from my travels and both well known and emerging designers. I love discovering new fashion and my thirst for show stopping shoes seems impossible to satiate!
KM: I have a pretty classic style. I like clean lines and shapes, like a great pair of jeans, a well made blazer, a dress that hugs but doesn’t cling. I am loving this season’s vibrant colours but most of the time you’ll find me in neutrals. Stripes are usually about as bold as I get.
Dream vacation spot? AW: skiing the alps. I have traveled a lot and visited some amazing places – Burma is one of the coolest places I’ve been. I absolutely love to spend time in the mountains and Aspen is my favourite annual trip. But skiing the alps is at the top of my bucket list.
KM: Almost every summer I got to the small town of Baska on the island of Krk in Croatia. It used to be a small fishing village on the Adriatic, but now it’s become more of a tourist destination. My family has a 300 year old house there, right on the water Though I’ve been living in Canada for over 40 years, when I get to Baska, I feel like I’ve come home.
What is your favourite thing to take pictures of? AW: My friends around a dinner table after some wine and food has been had. Cherished memories!
KM: My dog! She’s got an incredible mop of hair which can often stick up in every direction. She cracks me up almost every single day. I’ve also developed a recent obsession with taking pictures of trees, especially flowering ones. Luckily here in Vancouver there’s an endless supply of breathtaking flora.

What has been your favourite event to attend? AW: The birth of my niece Isla is something I’ll remember forever. I have a fabulous photo of her little hand grabbing onto my finger. I also love weddings – especially when they’re out of town. Everyone’s happy and it’s usually a reason to play dress up, which I love to do!
KM: As someone who enjoys dining out a lot, I like to go to restaurant openings. I’m always looking for somewhere new to go.
Favourite Restaurant: AW: There are so many! Vij’s (Vancouver). Umberto di Trattoria (Whistler), Cloud Nine (Aspen, Co), Balthazar (NYC), The Polo Lounge (LA) and The Ivy (also in LA and always with Kristina over chardonnay lunch!)
KM: Oh so many! Vij’s, Le Crocodile and La Buca are three staples. But I also love Flying Pig and Bao Bei for their good food and fun atmosphere.
What is your biggest indulgence? AW: Shoes! And the best food ingredients I can possibly get my hands on.
KM: I’m a bit of a clothes horse, though I do have an excuse, I need lots of options for my work!
If there was more time in the day you would: AW: Sleep longer. Take my dog for longer walks. Spend more time over dinner.
KM: Exercise more. I work out about three times a week but if I had more time (and more energy) I’d try to bump that up to four of five times.
Favourite social network: AW: Twitter. I’m a news junkie.
KM: Facebook. I love its power to reconnect. I just recently got back in contact with a woman I worked with in Japan 20 years ago. I’ve always wondered what happened to her and now we’re catching up regularly.

Favourite Blog: AW: The Moment. If you like food, fashion and culture, you might like it too.
KM: Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP. Especially her “Go” travel articles that give tips on where to sleep, eat and shop in various locales.
Where do you go for good ideas? AW: Out into the world! I travel, go to restaurants, movies, listen to new music and talk to people from all walks of life.
KM: Magazines, newspaper articles, blogs, talking to friends, having conversations with the experts in your life like your doctor, grocer or waiter. Good ideas can come from anywhere.
Last song you downloaded: AW: First Train Home (Imogen Heap). The entire Ellipse album is amazing.
KM: Young the Giant’s self titled album. It’s a couple of years old now but I was only recently introduced to their music. Love “Apartment” and “St Walker.”
What is the most challenging thing you have ever done? AK: There are so many it’s hard to narrow it down. But most recently? I got a german shepherd puppy. Anyone who has one knows what I’m talking about.
KM: Making a wedding cake for Anna and Kristina’s Grocery Bag was pretty challenging! Three days of work. Baking takes so much precision and patience, not two of my strongest virtues. In a bigger picture sense, staying in TV for almost two decades has been very challenging in and of itself. It’s a tough business, with a lot of ups and downs. Going through divorce is the most challenging personal thing I’ve experience.

Lola as a Puppy - Photographs provided by Anna and Kristina

What are you obsessed with right now? AW: The colour red.
KM: Morocco! We’re going there to shoot an episode of Grocery Bag in June and I’m really excited. It has always been on my list of must-see places. I can’t wait to explore the markets and eat the food. I hear the smells, colours and sounds are incredible.
Any other comments/thoughts you’d like to add: (ie. new business features you are offering now) AW: We’re exploring our digital future and how we’ll exist in such a huge world of content with so much to choose from. We’re working on a new website and a new web series. Stay tuned!!
KM: We have two new shows this year. Buy.o.logic ( airs on OWN Canada. It’s an entertaining health show, think Shopping Bags meets Dr. Oz. And Get Stuffed ( a high octane travel adventure show is airing this summer on OLN.

Thank you Anna and Kristina for being our special guests on this week’s Friday Follow feature, if you would like to see more of Anna and Kristina connect with them on Twitter at @AnnaandKristina and to see more news on special guest #FFs follow us on Twitter at @CountDownEvents.
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