The 8th Annual Crème de la Crème Grand Wedding Showcase on November 4, 2012 at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver!

In the news! Month of August for CountDown Events Planning & Design ~ Wedding Bells Magazine

We've been knee deep in wedding gorgeousness this month! One amazing wedding after another and this is the trend every month from now till November, the day of the Crème de la Crème Grand Wedding Showcase. Our focus right now is completely on our clients and producing a show-stopping wedding showcase again this year (BETTER THAN EVER!). When it is so busy, as a professional, we have an extra appreciation and feel so lucky to have an amazing team and amazing partners. It has been a very sweet wedding month! To add to it we were ecstatic to open the beautiful new issue of Weddingbells Magazine and read the full page article on our expert tips on lighting your wedding and event! Thank you to the Weddingbells team in Toronto for including us! xoxo Soha Lavin CountDown Events Planning & Design.

Jenny Packham Trunk Show at Bisou Bridal - Vancouver Brides

CountDown Events is excited to announce that from August 30th to September 1st, Bisou Bridal will be hosting the first annual Jenny Packham Trunk Show. We are thrilled to see one of the most sought after designers in bridal fashion come to Vancouver and absolutely giddy with excitement to showcase her designs at this year's Crème de la Crème Grand Wedding Showcase on Sunday November 4th at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver.

Attention Brides: Kenneth Pool Trunk Show at Blush Bridal

KENNETH POOL - For the bride who wants sparkle and glamour! The KENNETH POOL label has long been recognized for its embodiment of fantasy and drama with its grand ball gowns, luxurious fabrics and exquisite beadwork. This season there is a special emphasis on unique fabrications and couture details. Organza ruffles, sensuous silk jersey, and creamy duchesse satin dominate, whether artfully draped, elaborately beaded, or delicately trimmed with Swarovski crystals. Each gown encapsulates the essence of the collection: Ultimate Femininity combined with KENNETH POOL's signature brand of sexy, opulent, unapologetic glamour.
We are very excited to see the amazing designs at Blush Bridal on September 14th and 15th. xoxo CountDown Events Planning + Design

Wedding Bouquets and Boutonnieres

Like a beautiful centrepiece on dining tables the bridal bouquets are the centrepiece of the brides’ outfit. It can add a colour contrast to an all-white bridal gown or further accentuate the colour theme of your gown and wedding. It is the traditional accessory at weddings symbolizing the good luck and charm of the bride, which is why it is tossed in the air, so that the bride’s good fortunes can be taken home by someone else at the wedding.
CountDown Events would like to offer you some suggestions on how to choose the perfect accessory, not only for the bride but also for other members of the wedding party.

The Bridal Bouquet:
Bridal bouquets come in many different colours, shapes and styles. Your bridal bouquet should say who you are without having to say a word. The right bouquet for you depends on the design of your dress and the style of your wedding celebration. Whether picking a classic/traditional or a modern design, your bouquet’s colours and design can set the tone for the rest of the flowers in and around your wedding day. A small tip to carry with you as you design the bridal party flowers with your florist "keep in mind your true style; there are many new trendy designs in magazines however when selecting this small but significant design element, remember your personal taste" says Soha Lavin of CountDown Events

The Maid of Honour:
The Maid of Honour traditionally carries a slightly larger bouquet, than those of the other bridal party members.
Bridesmaids Bouquets:
The bridesmaids’ bouquets generally follow the same design as the bridal bouquet, although a little smaller and sometimes just with one or two elements such as colour or type of flower that sets them apart from the bridal bouquet. A good starting point in planning the bridesmaid bouquets will be the colour of their dresses. The bouquet colour may match their dress colour or it may be the basis of contrast. Whichever you choose their bouquets should complement your own as well as their dresses.
Mother of the bride and groom:
corsages are generally the tradition here, however these days many mothers prefer to carry their own small bouquets. These flowers are worn or carried by the mothers to indicate their importance and gratitude from the bride and groom. Your mothers’ taste and likes should be considered when picking flowers for her. It will be more sentimental, if you give them their favourite type of flowers.
Groom and Groomsmen Boutonnieres:
These boutonnieres will give life to the traditional tuxedo or suit worn by these fine gentlemen. A Groom’s boutonniere does not necessarily have to be larger than the groomsmen but it should definitely be more distinctive. Worn on the left lapel, boutonnieres are generally one or a few small blossoms such as: rosebuds, stephanotis, gardenias or orchids. Tasteful yet masculine.

Make sure to let the special people in your life know how important they are to you on your special day by giving them corsages, small bouquets and boutonnieres. A small token of your appreciation and remember whichever design or colour scheme you select be sure to have fun when choosing flowers for your wedding. After all what could be more blissful than picking flowers and seeing all of the pretty colours come to life on your special day.

Stay tuned as CountDown Events brings you more tips and suggestions on flower arrangements for the entire wedding. Follow us on Twitter @CountDownEvents and our Facebook page to read our next article on the wonderful world of weddings.

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