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Jasalyn Thorne Photography - Capturing Luxurious Affairs

The most magical moments. The most significant vows. The most precious memories. These all happen in a glimpse, and that is why we believe so strongly in exceptional photographers on your wedding day! A craft that will record your "forever".

Having worked with many, many visual creators... Jasalyn Thorne photographers have demonstrated talent, professionalism & beauty for as long as we can remember. We are thrilled to have them as a part of the 2013 Crème de la Crème Grand Wedding Showcase once again - featuring their previous ventures & passion projects. Jasalyn & Jason will be there to walk you through the steps leading up to your wedding day and what kind of preparation is needed.

After almost a decade of capturing luxurious affairs, palm tree ceremonies and intimate receptions, Jasalyn and Jason’s photographic work has become one of the most published in Canada and has won them numerous awards, both locally and internationally. Named as one of the most inspiring photography teams by WeddingBells Magazine, their signature style has made them leaders in their respective industry.

For more information visit Jasalyn Thorne & for more beautiful images, visit their Facebook!

- CountDown Events xoxo

Stittgen Fine Jewelry - Custom Gold Jewellery

For decades Stittgen has been one of the most respected names in custom gold jewellery – a reputation earned by delivering exceptionally high quality craftsmanship with attentive service provided in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Stittgen Fine Jewelry's West Vancouver store looks quite different from your average jewellery store – and that’s not by accident. As Stittgen’s Selina Ladak explains, “each unique piece is hand-crafted with so much thought, skill and love, they’re more like pieces of art.” So much like art, that the store resembles a gallery: visitors can admire displays of breath-taking rings, pendants, and bracelets for the works of art they are. Individual pieces are given the full attention and space they deserve, while the interior’s aesthetic constantly reaffirms a feeling of creative distinction without being ostentatious.

While Stittgen award-winning Master Goldsmiths can create just about any design imaginable, the signature Stittgen pieces are modern, without being trendy. The uncompromising craftsmanship and unique designs complemented by client-focused staff and value result in a truly rare combination.

Many clients begin their relationship with Stittgen with an engagement ring that exceeds their expectations. The relationship carries on with wedding bands, followed by custom pieces to commemorate anniversaries and other milestones.

The Crème de la Crème Grand Wedding Showcase is the perfect opportunity to start your relationship with Stittgen.

Be sure to follow Stittgen on Facebook for beautiful updates! We look forward to having this impressive brand at the Grand Wedding Showcase this year. Be sure to stop by their exhibition space and say hello!

- xo CountDown Events Team

Savoury City Catering - Eat to Feel Alive!

A love of great food is the bond Savoury City Catering share with their team, their clients and their suppliers. We don’t just eat to stay alive: we eat to feel alive. And wonderful food brings people together. Savoury City Catering loves working with their clients to create unforgettable weddings and events, especially if you love food as much as they do! The pursuit of a happier taste bud drives this team to create the best food possible. Their aim is to "wow" you and your guests by emphasizing presentation and blowing you away with flavour!

"At Savoury City Catering we take the time to understand your vision and create menus from the ground up. We pair our ability to listen to client’s desires with our experience, knowledge and humour and ultimately turn their vision into a beautifully catered wedding or event. Not only is the visual experience as stunning and flavourful as what appears on the plate, but we strongly believe in supplying high quality, ethical, and local food. We stress sustainability by using as many organic ingredients possible. You’ll receive good karma by dining with us! All in all, we like to promise that the food will be only slightly more magnificent than your dress..." - SCC Team

The Savoury City team is led by Donna Wadsworth, a food philosopher and passionate crusader of sustainable food. Donna, (also known as the Head Honcho) believes a good culinary experience is necessarily an emotional one.

Connect with this wonderful, vibrant team! Website | Twitter | Pinterest!

Lulu Island Honey - A "Sweet" Wedding Favour

The perfect way to leave your guests with a 'sweet' memory of your wedding day - are wedding favours! This is a simple touch that goes a long way. A detail where you and your partner can express gratitude to your loved ones for being a part of your celebration. What better way than gifting guests with a delicate, delicious honey jar to pass along some of the Bride & Groom's love & sweetness.

Lulu Island Honey was born back in 2010 & is a family run business where the harvesting is done exclusively in Vancouver. This is a unique product due to being minimally treated and handled to preserve its flavour and nutrients. No additives or preservatives. Did you know that the colour of honey changes depending on the time of year and what flowers are currently in bloom? This means different flavours for different seasons. In addition to honey, Lulu Island Honey also makes beeswax candles in different shapes (including heart shape) that can be combined with the honey jars.

Custom design your labels. Pick pretty ribbon to personalize the honey to your wedding theme &/or palette. And pass along your love to your dear ones.

We love supporting Vancouver based companies & especially lovely ones like Lulu Island Honey. To discuss custom orders, email Karin at and be sure to visit them on Etsy as well. We will be seeing you at the Crème de la Crème Grand Wedding Showcase in the fall!

- xoxo

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