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A Breath of Fresh Air: Using Baby's Breath

Once ignored due to its commonality and seeming lack of lustre, Baby's Breath is making a comeback!

No longer will this delicate, long-lasting flower be used as "filler." Airy and delicate, baby's breath (real name: gypsophila) creates a wonderfully lush floral option. Wondering what the cause of recent popularity is? We say that the new availability and development of more varieties might have something to do with it: traditional baby's breath largely consisted of lots of stems, with few small white flowers.

Two new species of this flower, Million Stars and Overtime, are leading the charge in this flower's comeback! Million Stars was aptly named, because each stem has a spray of small, textured flowers that give it the appearance of a million stars. Cute! Overtime, on the other hand, is the newest variety, consisting of extra large white flowers. The new varieties are being used range from an all baby’s breath bridal bouquet to elaborate wreaths and centrepieces using nothing but this cloud like flower.

The images in our post are from a photo shoot we produced featured onWedluxe Magazine, Photography by Jana Vackova Photography, Broach by Elsa Corsi, Decor by
Upright Decor, and fully planned and designed by Soha Lavin of CountDown Events.

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Seating Options For Your Wedding

You've got the invitations out, and now you need to find a place for all those people! A seating arrangement is the best way to keep the evening flowing well. If you're not feeling super traditional, there are plenty of seating options for your big day!

Traditional head tables are actually long, not round, and usually is set up along a wall facing the reception. The Bride and Groom sit in the middle (so everyone can see them!), the maid of honour sits next to the groom, and the best man sits next to the Bride. Don’t feel obligated to abide by this, though! It’s your day, so sit with you you’d like!

We have had the long, head table sit more among the rest of the guests’ tables, which gives people the chance to come and see you, and doesn't isolate the head table so much!

Sweet Heart Table
A sweetheart table is a nice place for you and your new hubby to have time for just the two of you. If you’re comfortable being the centre of attention (even during mealtime!), this is the perfect option - especially if you are having 100+ people, you might need a place to have some time for yourselves.

What about my guests?
Group by family, friends from university, friends from work, etc. Try to avoid keeping all your social groups totally separate, you want your friends and family to meet and have a great time together!

While mixing it up in the actual seating plan is a great way to get people to mingle, even the most introverted people would be shy at a table of strangers. Try to make sure that the people you’re mixing have something in common - they’re much more likely to get on and have a great time celebrating you!

Lastly, ask your married friends what they wish they had done when it came to seating: you'll be pleasantly surprised how many tips you can learn from them!

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A Traditional Head Table
Photography by Jana Vackova
A Traditional Head Table among guests
Photography by Hong Photography Studio
A Traditional Head Table
Photography by Leanne Pedersen Photography

Designing Your Dream Wedding Cake

Day Dream

Before you visit a cake designer, day dream a little about what you want for your cake - then try and find similar images on the internet. It’s like going to the hair salon, bringing photos for reference helps convey your dream cake to your designer. We’ve got some pretty dreamy cakes pinned on Pinterest!

Taste, Taste, Taste!

Ask each cake shop you call when their next tasting is: this is a chance for you to, well, taste the cake they make! Tastings are especially helpful if you’ve already got an idea of what flavours you want, for example, maybe coconut cake has been on your mind (can somebody please bring us a slice of coconut cake now?).

Be Open About Your Budget

Before your designer can do anything for you, they need to know what budget you have available. It’s key to remember when it comes to decorating a cake, all the extras can quickly add up. Those beautiful sugar flowers you see online are hand made, one petal at a time - you’re paying for edible art! If you’re envisioning a cake of cascading flowers and you’re on a tight budget, your designer might suggest you decorate with real flowers instead of sugar-made ones!

Size Matters

Usually, wedding cake is priced by the slice - the more complicated the cake, the higher the price tag. Portions also heavily dictate the size of the cake: the number of people you want to serve is a better way to design, instead of only thinking of how many tiers you want. If you're set on a bigger cake, you can always use dummy tiers. There’s nothing worse than paying for a beautiful, delicious cake and seeing lots go to waste!

Try Something Different

Maybe a large cake isn’t for you - mini cakes (individual sized!), grooms cakes, cupcake towers, macarons, and even a French croque-en-bouche (a tower of cream filled profiteroles connected by caramel - yum!) are all great options. If you feel like a traditional cake doesn’t go with the overall feel of your wedding, then experiment!

That’s all for now! Happy tasting! xo

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Designed by Ganache Bakery

Designed by Ganache Bakery

Designed by Soirette Bakery

Custom Designed Wedding Invites | Love by Phoebe

Invitations are the first introduction to your wedding and set the tone for your big day! We strive to create a custom experience for each client - working with artists and wedding experts that display superior craftsmanship is how we create a stunning and tailored event. Planning each detail of your wedding day is what we are best at, and Love by Phoebe is an expert at her craft, working with each couple to create something unique and special. Imagine impressing your guests even before they arrive at your wedding? That's what a custom invite does so beautifully for one of our lovely wedding clients!

These lovely creations are a mix of romance and modern elements - the gold ink is printed on ultra thick paper completed with ribbon tie closure and even a lace envelope liner to create texture and that extra special finishing touch to really wow your guests.

Take a peek behind Phoebe's process, and see how she assembles one of her gorgeously designed and bespoke wedding invitation suites!

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Team CountDown xo

Dreaming of Lake Como Part 2 | WedLuxe Magazine Feature

Here is part two of our WedLuxe Magazine published Dreaming of Lake Como styled shoot! We were inspired by Italy’s Old World luxury and the styling was inspired by Villa del Balbianello - a dream wedding venue located in the heart of Italy's lush and romantic Lake Como region. See part one of the dreamy shoot, here.

Planned and designed by CountDown Events, the images were captured by Hong Photography, the flowers were provided by Granville Island Florist, Upright Decor provided the decor, the cake was designed by Soirette and the stationery was created by PALETTERA Custom Correspondences.

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