This Week's #FF Shingo Kido of Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver

Name: Shingo Kido
Occupation(s): Social Media Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver
Who is your role model: Lauren Breuning from the Beverly Wilshire; she brings hipster chic to the Four Seasons through her posts!
What do you like most about your job: My job allows me to have creative freedom of course with some guidelines. I also enjoy the role I play with all the different departments in the hotel as well as connecting with clients and other partners.
Daily ritual: Twitter, Facebook, coffee, emails, Revinate, TripAdvisor; lunch, creating material, researching, and then either swimming or yoga. Sometimes I cheat after work and join a friend at a bar.
The most rewarding part of my job is: I am a firm believer of positive reinforcement; but, who doesn't enjoy hearing that they have done a great job? Sometimes I enjoy the reaction from other people when they look at creative material that I have done. I also like the humanist side of social media, such as, when someone has an inquiry or if there is a negative situation that I can assist the team in turning it around.
What has been your biggest strength that’s helped you succeed in your industry? I believe my biggest strength is perseverance. At our early stages, we couldn't really figure out social media as another channel to communicate with our guests. We started off with Twitter and we were very unsure if this was just a venue users just randomly posted status updates like, “I am eating an apple”. We started working on developing tweets, researching about Twitter and how it was in fact an effective way not only to communicate, but inform users about interesting events or products. Eventually Twitter, for us, became a powerful tool to better understand our guests to create those “WOW” moments. We then added two Facebook pages, one for the hotel and other for the restaurant. Social media is a growing entity, and perseverance is a vital trait as we, people who work with social media, are always looking for the “next best thing”.

Memorable celebrity encounter/interview: I really enjoy telling this story. I was searching Twitter for “Vancouver” and “steak” when I came across a user who tweeted that they wanted to know of a good steak place in Vancouver. I tweeted back that she should come to YEW Restaurant + Bar, and she replied to say that she would be right over with some friends. The user turned out to be Ellie Goulding, the English singer-songwriter. I was able to meet her and her band, and shake their hands. I think that I hold that specific celebrity encounter higher than most because it demonstrated the power of social media, and that social media is a channel where we are able to connect with strangers from all around the world.
Describe your personal style: My personal style at work is trendy conservative with a bit of colour. Out of work I am a mixture of urban boho militant chic style. I really want to separate the two worlds.
Dream vacation spot? It has to be Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora, because the bungalows are perched on stilts above a lagoon, and they have glass bottoms so you can see the fishes! The other bonus is that you can jump off the balcony straight into water.
What is your favourite thing to take pictures of? I don’t have a favorite thing. As long as there is good natural lighting, anything you take looks interesting and amazing. The less staged a picture is the more organic a picture can be, and I value that.
What has been your favourite event to attend? It has to be Crème de la Crème 2011, not only because it was bigger and better than 2010, but the energy in 2011 was more intense. There was definitely a nervousness, but when the show got underway, it was magical. Also people and weddings tend to equal happy people, and who doesn't want to be around happy people? I should go to more wedding shows.

Favourite Restaurant: It will have to be Palatte in Phoenix, Arizona. I know it’s not the food capital of the world, but I was a frequent visitor when I use to live in Arizona. It would be my brunch place to go. I am quite fond of brunch as many of my friends know. The restaurant was a small heritage home with rose gardens and vines on the white fences. There was outside seating on the front lawn with whimsical white metal tables and mismatched chairs. This place had a lot of character from the garage-sale silverware to the home-grown flowers used as center pieces in mason jars. The food was delightful with fresh local ingredients and creative but well-executed dishes. I remember they had this thick, almost meaty, Heirloom Tomato Bloody Mary, and their signature Mint Mimosa. I would always have their sweet potato pancakes, which were slightly crispy on the outside and ewy gooey in the most wonderful way on the inside. It was a great way to distress from corporate life.
What is your biggest indulgence? I would have to say food & jeans are my biggest indulgence. Heaven forbids there is a sale at Holts or Global Atomic Design.
If there was more time in the day you would: Take a break, go for a walk outside, people watch, and enjoy the privilege of more time.
Favourite social network: Too many to choose from… it’s boring but I am going with the default answer of Facebook because I get to creep on all my friends who are living in all parts of the world. Now they have that Video Calling option, so no more long distance plans!

Where do you go for good ideas? If I can’t travel, I look at the net. If I’m tired of looking at a computer screen, I go to Gastown.
Last song you downloaded: The Look of Love by Dusty Springfield, which was featured in YEW Restaurant + Bar’s Valentine’s Love Fest video. It’s an oldie but a goodie!
What is the most challenging thing you have ever done? The most challenging thing so far was recovering from fraud & having my place broken into in the same year; not pleasant.
What are you obsessed with right now? Pinterest, Korean food, and vacation!

CountDown Events loved having Shingo as our #FF this week, and if you'd like to meet Shingo, you can catch him at the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver. Be sure to follow Shingo on Twitter @FSVancouver and us @CountDownEvents

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