We were thrilled to be invited to Nourish to learn a thing or two from the incredibly talented and passionate Chef Dan. Nourish Vancouver was born out of our curiosity about a sustainable food system, love for food and the environment, and a desire to nourish the ones we love. Their mission is to create a space to celebrate delicious food and help each other make the better decisions for our bodies and planet. It’s about believing that supporting local organic farmers, eating plant-based meals and sharing great conversations, can make a difference.

The Nourish Cooking School was an unforgettable experience where we learned by the guidance of Chef Dan to create Dan Dan Mian and Steamed Bao. It was the perfect environment for those who want to enjoy and learn how to make globally-inspired meals using local, organic, seasonal ingredients and ethically-sourced proteins. All of the dishes we made were unitimidating and delicious; all meals we could (thankfully) and will recreate at home.

Steamed Bao with a spin on a modern presetation

The hearty Dan Dan Mian; a favourite!

A huge thank you to Chef Dan for teaching us how to create these delicious meals. We cannot wait to come back and learn more!

For more information or to sign up for the next cooking class, please visit or give them follow at @nourishvan!

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